SmarT-Slot Kit 5 | for TopWater

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Add the SmarT-Slot™ Kit 5 to the TopWater™ box for an even sleeker profile on T-Slot Crossbars. This easy hardware kit replaces the standard mounting hardware, and directly attaches into a T-slot channel on your crossbars. It works with all Yakima® T-slot crossbars as well as most other T-slot crossbars.


  • T-slot hardware kit for the TopWater™ rooftop fishing rod box.
  • Includes T-slot hardware, covers, and an install tool.
  • Compatible with all Yakima® T-slot crossbars and most other T-slot crossbars.


  • Weight: 0.12 lbs.
  • Dimensions: L 0.75 in x W 0.75 in x H 1.60 in