Stormrider 95 (2024)

Length: 170

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With the Stormrider 95, there are practically no limits. Fresh snow as well as groomed slopes are child’s play for this ski. Its completely revised construction, geometry and binding point, which is a little further forward, means you can enjoy better maneuverability and even more skiing fun. Gliding through the fresh powder or carving on perfectly groomed slopes? Only you can decide what your next day’s skiing should be like.

  • Rocker - The gradual bending up of the ski at its tip and tail is called the rocker. Stockli modifies the rocker according to the type of ski. Typically, the longer and more pronounced the rocker, the more lift is generated and the more responsive and easy-turning the ski becomes.
  • Light Core & Super Light Core - Particularly light European wood species are deployed in the all-mountain, freeride/off-piste and touring segments. This makes the core a little softer and suppler, which lends the ski dynamism and makes it very durable.
  • Solid Metal Edge Light - Same edge width as the SME. A modified die-cutting procedure, however, means the edge is inserted less deeply into the ski, which saves weight.
  • Polywall - This sidewall is slightly softer and therefore more elastic than the phenolic sidewall. It exhibits damping properties and thus boasts significantly higher impact resistance.
  • Freeride Tip Technology - Light, stiff insert material at the top makes the shovel more stable and less jittery. This light Freeride Tip material helps generate more lift in deep snow.
  • Freeride Tail - Special tail area. The use of a high-tech polymer in combination with a new rocker angle results in the tail being lighter and softer. The ski is even more responsive and maneuverable as a consequence.
  • Titanal Technology Pro - An additional coating featuring a slightly raised structure is applied to the Titanal surface. This affords the ski better protection from scratches on the top surface and gives it a special haptic.