Overdraft (2024)

Color: Black
Size: M 8.5

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Built for the next generation of riders, K2 created the Overdraft snowboard boot for those looking to take their riding to the next level without breaking the bank. It all starts at the foundation - a dual-density rubber cupsole with K2's patented This Grips™ rubber helps provide the best grip for hiking features and absorbing impact. Crafted with a Harshmellow™ midsole, the Overdraft offers ultimate impact absorption, to keep your feet and ankles feeling fresh all day long.

Inside, the Overdraft’s fit is powered by two major features. The Conda™ heel retention technology, replaces the internal harness and aids in eliminating heel lift while providing micro-adjustable support for added heel hold and comfort, and an Intuition® Comfort Foam 3D liner uses a heat-moldable foam technology, integrated internal and external J-bars, and cored ankle pockets for a comfortable, personalized fit.

To wrap it all up, the traditional lace-up construction provides tried and tested reliability with no moving parts, perfectly suited to the Overdraft's freestyle roots.


  • Intuition® Comfort Foam 3D Liner - Built for comfort and long-lasting fit, this liner is a softer build and features both internal and external J-Bars for added ankle support and heel hold.
  • Traditional Lacing - No wires, reels, or pulls needed. K2's braided textile laces offer a tried and true feel and customizable fit.
  • Harshmellow™ Insole- Freestyle-friendly single-density insole using Harshmellow™ from toe to heel for ultimate impact absorption.
  • Conda™ Heel Retention - Powered by a BOA® M+2 reel, K2's Conda™ technology replaces an internal harness, is micro-adjustable, and aids in eliminating heel lift.
  • PU Heel Counter - Replacing bulky material with an injected heel counter makes this boot lightweight and gives the rider extra medial-lateral stability.


  • Flex: 5/10
  • Best For: All-Mountain; Freestyle