Wingman 86 Black Edition (2024)

Length: 166
Binding: EMX 12.0 GW Fusion X BLK/SIL

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The Wingman 86 Black Edition elevates performance by blending the finesse to tackle off-piste terrain with powerful carving capability, and Elan's smoothest ride, making it an elite companion for the mountains.

As squadron leader of the Wingman collection, the Wingman 86 CTi Black Edition has been added to compliment the award winning Ripstick Black Edition series. It's wide enough to explore off piste, crushes early morning groomers, and rips afternoon bumps. The Laminated Woodcore is enhanced with Carbon Rods and Mono Ti construction for increased stability, while the addition of CarbonLine Technology increases ride quality, edge grip, responsiveness, and overall performance. The Wingman 86 C Ti harnesses energy and power for every turn you make on the mountain, no matter where you ski.


  • Ultimate combination of flotation & edge grip
  • Quick Turn Entry & Exit
  • High Speed Gliding Base
  • Carbon Rods
  • TubeLite Woodcore
  • Amphibio TruLine Technology
  • Carbon Line Technology
  • SST Sidewall
  • Designed for skiers that ski a variety of terrain & conditions at the ski resort


  • Binding: EMX 12.0 GW Fusion X BLK/SIL
  • Length Radius: 178
  • System: Fusion X
  • Profile: Amphibio
  • Din: 3,5 - 12