Our Story:

Over 50 years ago John and Sidney Maxwell founded a company called The Ski Hut, in Wilton Center, as a way to share their family's  passion for skiing with the community. In 1983 their son, Jack Maxwell changed our name to Outdoor Sports Center, and moved us to 80 Danbury Road in Wilton. The name and location change was part Jack's dream to share his enthusiasm and philosophy; to help grow and nurture respect for the outdoors by using it as our playground. Today, we are still 100% family owned, many of our staff have been with us for 15 years or more, and we are proud to have customers that can recall our "Ski Hut" heritage.

Our commitment remains to promote a friendly and knowledgeable community, to provide only the best gear and service, and to always promote awareness of outdoor resources through their use as a playground. 

Four-legged Running Partners


Its getting dark before 6 o'clock now, making it extra important to stay safe on the roads. In support of November being National Running Safety month, we want to encourage you to wear reflective gear when out at night. Reflective vests and lights help increase your chance of being seen on the road, preventing accidents from happening. Even if you're just walking your dog after work, keep visibility high with these reflective vests for you and your furry companion.


Where Form Meets Function | Knives


Whether you carry a knife everywhere you go or use them to chop vegetables for dinner, knives are an essential tool in all of our lives. Almost all of us at Outdoor Sports Center carry one all day every day. They prove themselves invaluable more often than you'd expect, from opening boxes and letters to cutting the tags off the new shirt you just bought. A good knife not only performs day after day but is made with the quality and craftsmanship to last a lifetime.


Luggage That Carries Everything but You


The time for family, turkey, and football has arrived. For many of us, that means boarding a plane and flying halfway across the country. A reliable and durable suitcase goes a long way in ensuring smooth holiday travels. We all know packing is hard enough as it is, so we have selected the most versatile bags from the best brands to put your mind at ease.



Staff Picks | Our Favorite Vests for Fall


The air is crisp; the foliage is in full swing, and Fall is here to stay. Its the perfect time of year for a new vest. Vests are great for beating the chill without the bulk. In the winter, they are perfect for a warm and light midlayer for those chillier days. We've picked out some of our favorite vests for Fall that are versatile, stylish, and will keep you warm through out the year.


Find Balance and Relaxation Through Yoga


The weather is getting cooler, and its the perfect time to work yoga into your routine. Yoga is a great way to stay flexible and strong year round while improving your breathing and relaxation. We have great yoga apparel and accessories from the top brands like Pistil, Prana, Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear and The North Face.


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