Our Story:

Over 50 years ago John and Sidney Maxwell founded a company called The Ski Hut, in Wilton Center, as a way to share their family's  passion for skiing with the community. In 1983 their son, Jack Maxwell changed our name to Outdoor Sports Center, and moved us to 80 Danbury Road in Wilton. The name and location change was part Jack's dream to share his enthusiasm and philosophy; to help grow and nurture respect for the outdoors by using it as our playground. Today, we are still 100% family owned, many of our staff have been with us for 15 years or more, and we are proud to have customers that can recall our "Ski Hut" heritage.

Our commitment remains to promote a friendly and knowledgeable community, to provide only the best gear and service, and to always promote awareness of outdoor resources through their use as a playground. 

Sport Sunglasses


Summer is finally here, bringing with it lots of bright sunny days and a new range of outdoor activities. While protecting your skin from the sun is a no-brainer, protecting your eyes should be too. Sunglasses are a valuable piece of safety gear during any outdoor activity. They protect your eyes from dirt, dust, bugs, and most importantly, the harmful rays of the sun, which can cause cataracts and other problems with your eyes. The heat of the sun can also dry your eyes out, causing eye fatigue. Not only will sunglasses help you see better to perform your best, but they can help you stay alert and active longer!


The Bicycle Commute


Our state is known for having beautiful back roads, as well as paved trails in the woods and coastal views. Instead of sitting on a slow-moving highway, you could take advantage of these opportunities to take a beautiful bike ride to the office! Biking to work helps the planet by saving fuel, and the health benefits are endless, giving you increased energy and allowing you to get your workout in while you commute. Your first ride to work might seem a little daunting, but biking to work is easier than you think. We have compiled a list of common questions, with feedback from members of our staff who regularly commute via bike!





Builder tells the story of building mountain bike trails through the eyes of the best riders and the most respected builders. Building a trail is both an art and a science. The best ones are aesthetic wonders, a stark line of dirt snaking through the most scenic bits of land; a mountain biker's landscape painting brought to life. 


On Wednesday, May 27th, we will be hosting the film at the Fairfield Theatre Company as part of our Adventure Film Series. 

We can't wait to see you there!


Tickets are $12; click here to order online.


Finding the Perfect Kayak


Whether you're paddling around a lake or up the coastline, kayaking offers the opportunity to explore, exercise and catch some sun. When choosing a new kayak, the main factors you'll need to consider are location, use, and fit. We carry both touring boats and recreational boats upstairs in our boating department. Touring kayaks are meant for longer trips and are broken up into two categories: touring and day touring. Recreational boats are for shorter trips not far from the shore and for beginner kayakers. No matter what type of kayak you're looking for, we recommend talking to an expert, who can help narrow down the variables to find the perfect boat. Here are some guidelines to help you figure out what type of boat matches your paddling style.


Top Items to Pack


Some of the best memories of growing up come from summers spent under the trees, sleeping under the stars, staying up late telling stories, cheering and singing with people who become lifelong friends. Whether your child is six years old or sixteen, camp is the best part about summer. It offers kids the opportunity to try new activities, meet new people, and experience being away from home for the first time. We have put together a list of the important items that every kid needs for camp, all of which you can get right here at Outdoor Sports Center. We carry everything from bug repellent clothes to sturdy backpacks to sunscreen, and we only carry the highest quality items and employ the most knowledgeable experts. Whether your kids are going to day camp here in Fairfield County, sleepaway camp in the Berkshires, or a wilderness school across the country, Outdoor Sports Center is your one-stop-shop for all things camp! 


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