Our Story:

Over 50 years ago John and Sidney Maxwell founded a company called The Ski Hut, in Wilton Center, as a way to share their family's  passion for skiing with the community. In 1983 their son, Jack Maxwell changed our name to Outdoor Sports Center, and moved us to 80 Danbury Road in Wilton. The name and location change was part Jack's dream to share his enthusiasm and philosophy; to help grow and nurture respect for the outdoors by using it as our playground. Today, we are still 100% family owned, many of our staff have been with us for 15 years or more, and we are proud to have customers that can recall our "Ski Hut" heritage.

Our commitment remains to promote a friendly and knowledgeable community, to provide only the best gear and service, and to always promote awareness of outdoor resources through their use as a playground. 

New Paddleboards from BOTE


Stand-Up Paddleboarding has grown immensely in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. Standing above the water's surface while quietly gliding across is one of the most peaceful ways to spend a summer afternoon. The best thing about paddleboarding is the full range of activities to do besides simply paddling. Some paddleboards are sleek and fast while others are wider and more stable, perfect for SUP yoga. There are paddleboards that are made specifically for fishing, with attachment ports for rods and a cooler. Our top SUP brand, BOTE, makes individual paddleboards that cater to each of these fun summer activities. Read on to learn more about why we love this innovative brand!


2015 Sidewalk Sale!


Weekend of July 16th-19th

We're gearing up for our best sale of the year--our Summer Sidewalk Sale! Items from all departments will be on sale up to 70% off!  To celebrate this event, we have invited back Jeff Lenosky for our Annual Mountain Bike Stunt Show, Sunday 7/19! 


Learning to Ride


It's the perfect time of year to teach your children one of the most important lessons of their lives - how to ride a bike! Cycling acts as a form of transportation, a form of exercise, a way to unwind, and a way to feel free. Everyone learns at a different speed and can learn at any age, so there is no specific time by which your child should be moving to a new step in the process. We've put together a step-by-step description of the best way to teach your children how to ride, a method that can be used to teach kids of all ages! Some children can learn this way without having to add training wheels at all, and some people have reported children learning to ride by this method in just one day. No matter what, be sure to take it slow and make it fun, and your child will be riding like a pro in no time!


Go-To Running Shoes


We interviewed James Whipple, director of the Sono Half and experienced ultra-runner, to find his go-to shoes for running. No surprise here--James owns over 40 pairs of sneakers, and alternates between 2 to 3 during his training periods. James showed us the shoes he loves most for both trail and road running, and what makes them the best tool for a healthier run! Read on to find out how James prepares for a race, and the shoes that keep him on his feet!


Tuesday Night Running Club


We're excited for the first ever half-marathon in South Norwalk! Ready to conquer your first half? We had James Whipple, running coach and director of the SONO half, build us the perfect training plan to get race ready! Since there are 18 weeks until race day, we have plenty of time to build up our muscles and mileage! Outdoor Sports Center is here to help you stay motivated with our New Running Club meeting every Tuesday night @ 6:15 pm, June 16th until race day: Oct 17th! We will be focusing on short run days, varying mileage from 3-5 miles on the Norwalk River Valley Trail. Runs are lead by James and Shannon Whipple, and Outdoor Sports Center Staff: Kate, Brittney, John and Heidi. Check out our full training plan below and the weekly run schedule, with route map! Get ready to run! 


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