Deacon Jr. (2024)

Length: 80
Binding: 4.5 Vmotion Jr

The Völkl Deacon Jr. ski gives kids a proven level of learning proficiency and ease of turning thanks to its scientifically designed shape, soft flex and tip rocker design. The vMotion JR binding is GripWalk JR compatible.


  • Full Cap - Durable construction with topsheet wrapping over the full woodcore.
  • Composite Core - Synthetic PU core with soft flex, ideal for light-weight beginners and kids.
  • Tip Rocker - Character: Only bends upwards in the shovel area, while the middle and tail of the ski feature a camber shape.


  • Category: All Mountain
  • Rocker: Tip Rocker
  • Core: Composite Core
  • Base: SKP V2
  • Age: Youth
  • User Type: Kids'
  • Skiing Level: Beginner
  • Bindings: 4.5 vMotion Junior or 7.0 vMotion Junior