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Full Service Bike Workshop

Outdoor Sports Center has a very experienced and professional workshop staff. Whether you need a tube and tire change or a complete custom build for your next race, at our bike workshop you are always in good hands. We offer competetive pricing on skilled service for any bike. Minor repairs or tube and tire changes can be performed on the spot and the turn around on a tune-up can be as short as same day. We are proud to have a mechanic on our staff with the highest level of certification a mechanic can hold from the Barnett Bicycle Insitute. He is the only Certified Elite Mechanic in the state of Connecticut, so you can be sure that the level of expertise you are getting is the best available. We are as passionate about riding as our dedicated customers, so we work hard to get you out riding again as soon as possible.




Workshop Rates



Bike Tunes

30 Rides Check-up FREE*
Base Wash plus true wheels, adjust gears, lubricate cables, and inflate tires.  
*Free with purchase of a new Outdoor Sports Center Bike.  
Bike Wash $40.00
Scrub and rinse frame, wheels, handlebar, cassette, pullies, and derailleurs. Degrease the drive trail with eco-friendly degreaser, re-lubricate, and inflate tires.   
Single Speed $85.00
Bike wash, plus true wheels, adjust brakes, lubricate cables, and inflate tires.   
Base Tune $100.00
Base Wash plus true wheels, adjust gears, lubricate cables, and inflate tires.   
Ultra Tune $150.00*
Base Tune plus removal of chain, casette, front and rear derailleurs ultrasonically clean and reinstall.   
*Price includes missing link.  
Ultra Tune Plus $275.00*
Ultra Tune Plus strip bike, replace all cables, rebuild, and lubricate. Overhaul bottom bracket and headset.   
*Free installation of parts purchased from Outdoor Sports Center. 


New Bike Build $100
Completion of assembly, true wheels, adjust gears, tighten all bolts and inflate tires.   
Frame-Up Build $200.00
Fully assemble bike from scratch.   
Shipping Rebuild $85.00
Assemble, true wheels, adjust gears, and tighten all bolts.   
Shipping Preparation $75.00
Pack bike in box and secure all parts.  Plus Shipping and Handling


Front Wheel $120.00
Wheel Building Rear $150.00


Casette/Freewheel Installation $15.00
Remove old cassette, or freewheel, and install new one.   
Tape installation $20.00
Shift/Brake Cable Replacement $20.00
Remove and replace cable and housing, adjust gears and brakes accordingly.   
Chain Installation $20.00
Inspect chain and cassette cogs, make necessary adjustments and install new chain.   
Derailleur Adjustment $30.00
Check derailleur, hanger, cable tension, cable condition, and adjust upper/lower throw.   
Di2 Gear Adjustment $45.00
Latest firmware update for Di2 system, combined with gear adjustment.  
Non Hydraulic Brake Adjustment   $30.00/Brake
Check pads, tension, and torque.   
Hydraulic Brake Bleed $50.00/Brake
Check brake pads, rotor, reset pistons, and bleed brakes.   
Torque Check  $44.00
Check and adjust torque setting for headset, handlebars, seatpost, crankset, bottom braket, pedals, derailleurs, and brake system.   
Wheel Truing $30.00
Remove tire and tube, check lateral and radial spoke tension, and spoke nipples.   
Tire/Tube Installation  $15.00/Wheel
Check and install new tire and tube.   
Tubeless Conversion $50.00*
*Parts Included
Tubeless Overhaul $30.00
Cleaning and removal of old sealant installation of new sealant.  
*Parts Included  
Tubular Tire Installation $80/Wheel
Remove tire, true wheels, remove, and apply glue.   
*Parts Included  
Headset/Overhaul Installation $35.00
Remove stem and fork, clean and reinstall head set.   
BB Overhaul/Install $40.00
Remove crank, clean, grease, and reinstall BB.   
Rear Shock Service $100.00
Suspension Fork Installation $50.00
Suspension Fork Service  $100.00





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