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Our footwear department is one of the largest that you'll find; we have everything from expedition boots to flip flops. Hiking, trail running, and road running shoes are all lined up and ready for you to try on. We also have a comprehensive selection of casual shoes from your favorite outdoor and surf brands. Come have a chat with us, we'd love to fill you in on what's new with shoes!


Winter Warmth


Everyone has a different approach to winter. Some of us live for snow and like to spend all day at the mountain, while others are more interested in staying warm inside and waiting for summer to return. No matter how you do winter, everyone can agree that there's nothing better than curling up by the fire at the end of a long day and getting comfortable and warm with family and friends. While we may be Fairfield County's top pick for adventure gear, we are also experts in comfort. In addition to all the equipment you need to fuel your adrenaline out on the mountain, we also have your apres-ski gear to hunker down and relax at the end of a chilly winter day... or for the entire day! 

Men's Slippers
mens slippers

Olukai Moloa slipper, $120; Acorn Slouch Boot, $69; Sorel Dude Moc, $85; UGG Olsen slipper, $110; Haflinger
Classic Grizzly Clog, $120; Acorn Rambler Moc, $85

Women's Slippers
women slippers

Haflinger Classic Grizzly Clog, $120; Sorel Out N About slipper, $85; Acorn Slouch Boot, $65; Acorn Chin Chilla, $45; Acorn Original Slipper Sock, $59; UGG Ansley slipper, $100

Men's Apparel
mens apparel

The North Face LFC Tri-Blend Pullover Hoodie, $36.95; Laundromat Stockholm Sweater, $130; Toad & Co. Ajax Fleece Pullover, $99; Patagonia LW Synchilla Snap-T, $99; Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Pant, $99

Women's Apparel
women apparel

Patagonia Moonlighters Hoody, $79; The North Face Osito Pullover, $89.95; The North Face French Terry
Pullover Hoodie, $49.95; Patagonia LW Synchilla Snap-T, $99; The North Face Novelty Glacier Pullover, $54.95;
Toad & Co. Revival Fleece Pant, $79


Woolrich Blankets, $119 - $198


Assorted White Mountain puzzles, $16

Yeti Mugs

Yeti Rambler 20 oz Tumbler, $29.99; Yeti Rambler Lowball 4-Pack, $79.99; Yeti Rambler Colster, $29.99;
Yeti Rambler 30 oz, $39.99

We are open later during the holiday season for your convenience! Monday through Friday, our hours are 10 AM - 8 PM.

Holiday Gift Guide


We've got all the bases covered this holiday season so you can get all your holiday shopping done under one roof. For the people on your list who love the outdoors, we have equipment, apparel, and accessories to help fuel their passion this winter and beyond. In addition, we have everyday items perfect for those who prefer to take it easy at the holidays, from cozy knits to fluffy footwear. Here are just a few of the items we recommend to put smiles on everyone's face this holiday season.

Ski Gifts

Smith IO goggles, $180; Leki Fuse S MF gloves, $169.95; Black Diamond Ultralite Mix skins, $184.95; Transpack Edge Jr Solid boot bag, $49.95; Leki Spark S poles, $84.95; Smith Quantum MIPS helmet, $300; Smartwool Ski Ultralight, $22.95

For those who love to ski, we have gifts such as Leki ski gloves that conveniently attach to Leki poles. The Smith Quantum is the most technologically advanced helmet we carry, with a magnetic locking buckle and superior impact resistance. For the adventurous backcountry skiers out there, Black Diamond skins are a must.

Cozy Gifts

Prana Cedric Sweater, $99; Acorn Cozy Ewe slippers, $55; Pistil Gianna NW cowl, $36; Smartwool Larimer Crew socks, $23.95; YETI Rambler 10 Lowball, $19.99; UGG Olsen slippers, $110; Acorn Original Slipper Sock, $59

Give the gift of comfort with cozy, knitted apparel and shearling-lined footwear. We carry slippers from Acorn and Ugg, along with soft, thick socks and mukluks. We also carry jigsaw puzzles for long snowed-in days with the family, and Yeti mugs to keep your tea nice and hot.

Backpacking Gifts

THULE Stir 20 liter pack, $99.95; Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock trekking poles, $139.95; SteriPen Freedom water purifier, $99.95; Rome's Original Pie Iron, $19.95; Ice Trekkers Diamond Grip Cleats, $44.95; Sea to Summit Money Belt, $29.95; Smartwool Mountaineering Heavy Crew, $23.95; Hydroflask 24 oz Standard Mouth, $29.95

For those who love to hike, camp and travel, we have endless options for going off the grid in comfort. Black Diamond trekking poles and IceTrekkers cleats will get the backpacking enthusiast amped for long adventures on the trail, while Rome's Original Pie Iron will expand menu options for car campers and anyone who likes to cook over an open fire.

Biking Gifts


GORE Power Trail Thermal Jacket, $199.99; Kryptonite Kryptoflex 10x6 combo lock, $25; Specialized Body Geometry Defroster RD, $146; Sugoi Evolution Long Sleeve, $120; Garmin Edge 520 GPS, $399.99; GORE Power Gloves, $60; GORE Oxygen Softshell Bibtights, $199.99

Make winter cycling possible with warm apparel like a full length bib and a long-sleeve jersey that resembles a plaid flannel shirt. Specialized Body Geometry Defroster shoes will keep the ankles warm while riding on a frigid day, and you can never go wrong with a new Garmin. We also carry Cycleops and Tacx trainers for those days that are just a little too cold to ride outside.


It's always a good idea to stock up early on your winter items, especially here in New England where it can be hard to predict exactly when winter is going to start. While we expect to have until December before winter boots become an everyday necessity, there are a few brands that always sell out very quickly here at Outdoor Sports Center. We want to make sure you get the exact boots you want before they disappear, so we've put together an overview of the brands and models that we expect to fly off the shelves this season.

Men's Boots


The Avenue Duck Boot and the brand new Decoy boots are perfect examples of the much-loved, classic duck boot style. While the Avenue Duck Boot is a tried and true favorite, the Decoy and Decoy Shearling are brand new boots from Sperry. The Decoy Shearling is very warm and is a great boot for venturing out on a cold winter's day, while the Avenue and Decoy are highly recommended apres-ski boots with some thick wool socks.


Baffin boots are the warmest winter boots that we sell. The Musk Ox is our best selling Baffin boot; it's extremely comfortable and has a built-in gaiter. The Revelstoke is incredibly light with an excellent warmth rating, and even has a moldable bootie that is naturally molded by the warmth of your foot.

The look of Sorel's winter boots is arguably the most "classic" winter boot style around. The Caribou and Cheyanne Lace are our most popular men's boots, both waterproof and seam-sealed so you can venture out in all kinds of weather. The Cheyanne incorporates that classic duck boot look, and while both boots are great for everyday winter wear, Sorel considers the Caribou to be best for heavy snow.

Women's Boots

We carry several models of Pajar boots that come equipped with their signature Ice Gripper technology, which helps to keep you sturdy while traversing slippery ice. Instead of having to strap something over your shoe to help you walk on slippery surfaces, these boots actually come with them built in, and with the option to use them only when needed. It's quick and easy to flip the red tabs on the shoes' soles to the studded side, and when you don't need them anymore, just simply flip them back.


The Classic II still incorporates all the much-loved features of the original Classic UGG boot, but comes pre-treated for water and stain resistance and has a new outsole that offers increased traction, durability, cushioning and flexibility. The Adirondack is a hardy snow boot, with waterproof leather and water-resistant wool, offering style and unfaltering warmth at the same time. The Blayre is a dressy boot, perfect for everything from a chilly night out to a winter wedding. It offers unsurpassed style as well as the cozy sheepskin lining that UGG is famous for.


The Joan of Arctic and Tofino II are quite possibly the most popular winter boots for women. They are waterproof and warm, and offer that timeless, classic silhouette that so perfectly represents winter style. Each one comes in several different colors, but don't wait--these boots sell out more quickly than any other product in our store, year after year!

Tips for Race Day


The Sono Half is fast approaching, and after months of training with our Tuesday night and Saturday morning group runs, it's finally time to get ready for the big day! With just two weeks left until race day, we want to make sure you are geared up, pumped up and ready to run. We have talked to the most avid runners on our staff, along with race directors James and Shannon Whipple and dietician Matt Kansy, to gather tips for getting race ready. Whether you are running the SONO Half, the 5K, or just hoping to get some good runs in this fall, these tips will help to ensure that you have a comfortable and fun time.



Rest Up
"It's important to decrease the miles in your training runs leading up to the race, and for the last two days beforehand, you shouldn't run at all. Take these days to rest up and get your body ready for the big day!" -James Whipple

Keep it Consistent

"It's a good idea to wear the sneakers you've been training in, since you know your feet will stay comfortable in them. If your training shoes are on the older side, pick up a pair of PhD Run Light Elite Cushion socks from Smartwool, which will add extra cushioning to your feet and also absorb sweat." -Arlo Tarr

Fuel Up
"The day before the race, stick to foods that are easy to digest and nutrient-dense, no big heavy meals. While some carbs are good, loading up on tons of them is a thing of the past. Try rice, sweet potato, winter squash, fruit, or any other starchy root or tuber that you like. Add in some lean proteins and healthy fats like olive oil, eggs, or avocado. On race day, have your morning meal about 3 hours before the race. You only need around 300-400 calories, so don't go overboard! Also, I recommend coconut water as an easy-to-digest source of potassium." -Matt Kansy

"Generation UCAN drink mixes and snack bars are a great choice 15-30 minutes before the race, as they will give you the electrolytes and carbs you need to keep moving." * -Scott Maxwell

"As for coffee or caffeine, a little can be great, but too much is never a good idea. You will probably already be amped up from all the excitement, and while caffeine can be a great stimulant and offer some good performance gains, it can also act as a diuretic and you do not want that!" -Matt Kansy

*Outdoor Sports Center suggests practicing race nutrition ahead of time. For example, we don't recommend trying a new energy food for the first time on the morning of a race. Give it a try on your runs the week before, and make sure your body takes to it with ease.


"Take advantage of water stations along the route, and it's never a bad idea to carry water with you as well. We have plenty of options, from handheld bottles to hip belts to hydration packs made for runners, from Nathan or FuelBelt." -Grace Lloyd

"While it's important to stay hydrated, it's also important to not over-hydrate. Too much water can actually dilute the electrolytes in your body and blood. Depending on your size and the outside temperature, you probably won't need much more than 16 ounces per hour." -Matt Kansy


Pace Yourself
"With all the hype and excitement around you, it's easy to sprint out of the gate with all the other runners. Don't forget to run at your own pace and don't focus on competing! The crowd will start to even out as faster runners make their way up front, and my advice is to run on the side until the crowd disperses. Run your own race; it will pay off!" -Kate Tarr

Strategically Place your Support Crew
"If people are going to come cheer you on, have them wait at mile 10. In a 13-mile race, this is usually the toughest point in your run, and having friends or family cheering for you at this moment can be crucial to keep you going." -Heidi Smith

Have your Playlist Ready
"While headphones aren't recommended for safety reasons, we know that some of you love listening to music while running. Sometimes, the right song is just what you need to help you push through a tough stretch of the race. I recommend having a long playlist ready so that you don't have to deal with pulling out your device to change the song while you're running. Have your iPod or phone strapped to your arm with a Super 5K or a Sonic Boom from Nathan, let it play on low volume, and forget about it!" -Heidi Smith

Take Advantage of Opportunities to Give Back
"If it's a chilly morning and you're worried about staying warm before the race begins, wear something you'd like to donate. Any discarded layers at the starting line will be donated to local charities after the race." -Shannon Whipple

"We will also have an opportunity to donate used shoes at the race. Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue is looking to collect 2,500 pairs of shoes by Nov. 1 to donate to people in third world countries who are in need of shoes, as well as to help the animals in their care." -James Whipple



You can check in for the SONO Half early here at the store. Come by on Friday Oct. 14th between 11 am and 7 pm for packet pickup. On race day, the course will begin and end at Veteran's Park in South Norwalk. Packet pickup opens at 7 am and closes at 8:30 am. Parking at Veteran's Park also closes at 8:30, the half will begin at 9, and the 5K at 9:30.

When you check in, you will recieve a coupon for 15% off any running product, valid through Sunday October 16th. Be sure you have everything you need (nutrition, recovery products, etc.) so you'll be worry free on race day.

Above all, everyone is here to have fun! Don't take yourself too seriously, and remember to focus on enjoying the day you've trained so hard for. Whether you finish in one hour or three, we want to see everyone cross the finish line with a huge smile.


Collect your adventure-worthy footage and compile a short film for a chance to win one of three gift cards to Outdoor Sports Center! 

Create a short film that captures your passion for the outdoors; judges are looking for entries that highlight action, creativity, excitement and originality. We will be showing the finalists' short films on the big screen at Fairfield Theatre Company during the Telluride MountainFilm Festival on October 23rd! 

About the Event:

Outdoor Sports Center is partnering up with the Fairfield Theatre Company to showcase Telluride MountainFilm on Tour along with an all-day family-friendly Outdoor Festival on October 23rd. Your short film could be up on the big screen along with other amazing outdoor adventure films! Read more about the event here.

Enter to Win:

  • Film cannot exceed 5 minutes in length
  • Must be original footage in HD quality
  • Download an entry form here
  • Submit a Youtube or Vimeo link with your entry form to
  • Deadline for entries is October 18th
  • Winner must be present at the Telluride MountainFilm Festival to win. Films will showcase on StageOne at 5 PM and the winner will be announced shortly after.
  • Please be aware that the prizes are gift cards to the store, and we do not have an online store. If you are not local to the area you may not be eligible to win.


1st place: $500 gift card 

2nd Place: $200 gift card 

3rd Place: $100 gift card

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