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Our footwear department is one of the largest that you'll find; we have everything from expedition boots to flip flops. Hiking, trail running, and road running shoes are all lined up and ready for you to try on. We also have a comprehensive selection of casual shoes from your favorite outdoor and surf brands. Come have a chat with us, we'd love to fill you in on what's new with shoes!


Tuesday Night Running Club


Our running club returns on April 5th, every Tuesday night at 6:15 PM! We will be focusing on getting back into shape with shorter runs beginning at 2 miles and increasing throughout the summer. In June we will build a training schedule to start training for the SONO Half Marathon. Once again, we'll be running on sections of the Norwalk River Valley Trail throughout Wilton and Norwalk. Come June, the run location will change, so stay tuned for updates! Group runs will be lead by James and Shannon Whipple, race directors of the half. James is an experienced ultra-marathon 50/100-mile runner, and his wife Shannon competes in ultramarathons and Ironman competitions all over the country. Other leaders Scott Maxwell and Chris Bertram are employees of Outdoor Sports Center. Get ready to run!



**Open to all experience levels! Registration is not required to join in on the fun. Make sure to be well hydrated and fueled up before you run. No kids under 18 years old are allowed without a signed waiver or the supervision of a parent or guardian. Pick up waivers at Outdoor Sports Center! 


Get advice, motivation and support from the
Outdoor Sports Center running community. 



Week 1- April 5th   - 2 miles/ Chris /  NRVT Wilton Loop

Week 2- April 12th    - 2 miles/ Chris / NRVT Wilton Loop

Week 3- April 19th   - 2.5 miles/ Chris / NRVT Wilton Loop

Week 4- April 26th   - 3 miles/ Chris / NRVT Wilton Loop


Week 5- Join us May 1st for the NRVT May Day 5K


Week 6- May 3rd   - 3 miles/ Chris  / NRVT Wilton Loop

Week 7- May 10th   - 3 miles/ Chris / NRVT Wilton Loop

Week 8- May 17th   - 3.5 miles/ Chris / NRVT Wilton Loop

Week 9- May 24th   - 3.5 miles/ Chris / NRVT Wilton Loop

Week 10- May 31st   - 3.5 miles/ Chris / NRVT Wilton Loop


COURSE MAP for Week 1-10. 
Meet-Park and Ride, Rt. 7 @ Wolfpit Road, Near Orems Diner. Run: NRVT, Wilton Loop
*Check back for changes in course map, or join our facebook Group to get weekly alerts! Here 





Spring Lookbook


After a sub-zero Presidents Day Weekend, spring weather might seem like a faraway dream. But for us, spring begins when we start hanging those lighter layers up on the racks! Lighter, brighter fabrics are appearing all over our clothing department as we get ready to welcome the spring season. As we know, spring temperatures can be just as variable as the winter we've had, which is why we've got you covered for any conditions you might encounter in the coming months. 

Sometimes a cool base is all you need, but you're always safest with a light jacket tucked into your pack. A good rain coat will keep you from heading inside early, and your feet will welcome some lighter footwear after being cooped up in snow boots all winter. Patagonia and North Face never fail to make their staple pieces look fresh with new color combinations, and lifestyle favorites like Toad & Co. and Prana have us eager for backyard parties and strolls on the beach. We've put together some of our favorite spring outfit ideas to inspire you and get you just as amped up as we are for a beautiful spring!




Patagonia Cap Lightweight Crew, Aquastorm, $49; Smith Outlier XL Polarized,
Honey Tortoise, $119


Patagonia Cap Daily T-Shirt, Navy Blue, $39; Smith Serpico Polarized, Gold, $119



Patagonia El Ray Shirt, Owen Tail Grey, $89; Costa Zane 580 Glass Polarized, $249


Patagonia El Ray Shirt, Truckee Classic Red, $79; Maui Jim Leeward Coast $299



Glacier 1/4 Zip, Budding Green, $36.95


Glacier 1/4 Zip, Fiery Red, $36.95



Warmest Winter Boots


Winter may have come a little late this year, but the snow and ice have finally found us! Be sure you have the right winter boots to keep your feet protected from the elements. We still have a wide selection of 2016 boots left, now at discounted prices! Stay warm and stable with insulated boots that offer added traction on slippery days.  Shop our stock of Sorel, Baffin, Pajar, North Face, and more, and keep your feet dry and happy. Here are our top recommendations for your colder to coldest days spent outside. We've listed the original price followed by the sale price; check out the great savings offered during our huge winter sale!


Pajar Gash Boot
: These boots are ultra-warm and cozy; from the wool-synthetic-blend lining to the memory foam insole, you aren't going to want to take these boots off. $190//152

TNF Chilkat 2: These boots are insulated with 200 grams of Heatseeker insulation, TNF's own synthetic insulator that holds up like a champ in wet weather. $99//79

Sorel Cheyenne Lace Full Grain: This boot is made with seam-sealed waterproof construction, so you can be confident you'll stay dry when romping through puddles and snow. $135//108


Baffin Chloe: These boots have a temperature rating of an astounding -40 degrees Fahrenheit and are completely waterproof, offering the utmost protection. $155//124

Pajar Grip Zip: Pajar boots are made with a patented insulating mid-sole called Iso-Lana; it's made up of small air bubbles between layers of aluminum, felt, and wool, designed to keep you ultra warm. $200//160

TNF Shellista Tall 2: These boots will be your best friend on icy days; the Winter Grip® rubber outsole base with IcePick® temperature-sensitive lugs will help keep you grounded. $135//108



Top Hiking Boots for 2015


Ready for Hiking season? Finding the right boots is essential to enjoying your hike. Trekking through mud, steep cliffs and slippery ground ensures you will be working up a sweat, but you can ease the pressure off your feet by finding the right boot. Every journey requires different footwear, whether you are on a long distance backpacking trip or a short walk in the woods, and we're here to break down the difference in footwear for you. 

Thru-Hiking The A.T.

Normally backpacking boots are made to be very stiff since you don't want too much flexibility when you're carrying a heavy load on your back. However, LOWA has come out with a couple of backpacking boots that offer just enough flexibility to make the boots easier to break in. These boots are made with a stiff shank in the rear boot, and in the front the shank tapers to allow flex, which will allow for a shorter break-in period. For men, we have the LOWA Camino Flex ($300), and for women, the Mauria Flex ($300).


Exploring Devil's Den

For day hiking, you have the option of boots or shoes, and it really just depends on which is more comfortable for you. A boot that encases your ankle is generally better when you will be doing more climbing on your hike, as it will give you added support and protection. For men's boots, our experts recommend the LaSportiva Core High ($200). This is not only a brand new boot, but it utilizes a whole new type of construction called GORETEX Surround. The GORETEX bootie is incorporated into the boot in a new way that makes it much more breathable, perfect for hiking in the summer. For women, we love the Vasque Inhaler ($159), another new boot that gives your feet added breathability. It is also made with GORETEX, but it incorporates a generous amount of mesh into its design to allow for maximum airflow through the walls of the boot.


Walking your dog in Cranbury Park

A hiking shoe with a low ankle can feel cooler in summertime than a high hiking boot, and we have a wide selection of hiking shoes to choose from. Our favorites are the Oboz Tamarac ($140) for men and the Phoenix ($140) for women. Oboz boots offer excellent quality for the price, and unlike most hiking boots, they come with very high-quality insoles. In addition, Oboz makes their own outsoles, which are very well crafted and helps them keep their prices low. BDry waterproofing keeps your feet nice and dry.




It is essential to your hiking experience to have a boot that fits well. With the right fit, the right insoles and the most comfortable socks, your feet will be blister-free and much less likely to be injured on the trail. Our experts can help you find the perfect fitting boot, and also the perfect insole to add comfort and customize your fit. We recommend using insoles in your hiking boots no matter what to give you added support, and since they come in a variety of thicknesses, you can also use the thicker ones to shrink any extra spaces inside the boot. Superfeet and Sole Footbeds make fantastic insoles that will keep your feet happy on the trail.


We have a huge assortment of socks that are perfect for day hikes or long trekking adventures. A common misconception is that wool socks are meant for cold weather, but this natural material can be used to construct thin, lightweight socks as well as thick winter socks. We carry socks from Smartwool and Fit that come in a variety of thicknesses and are excellent at wicking away moisture. Bacteria don't take to wool since it is a natural fiber, so even after hours of hiking you won't have that unpleasant sweaty foot smell. Never wear cotton socks while hiking, since cotton holds in moisture, sucks in bacteria, and is very slow to dry.

Tips for Race Day



The Sono Half is fast approaching, and after months of training with our Tuesday Night Group Runs, it's finally time to perform for the big day! We have talked to the most avid runners on our staff to gather tips for getting ready for the race whether it's your first or one of many.




Rest Up
"It's important to decrease the miles in your training runs leading up to the race, and for the last two days beforehand, you shouldn't run at all. Take these days to rest up and get your body ready for the big day!" --James Whipple


Keep it Consistent
"It's a good idea to wear the sneakers you've been training in, since you know your feet will stay comfortable in them. If your training shoes are on the older side, pick up a pair of PhD Run Light Elite Cushion socks from Smartwool, which will add extra cushioning to your feet and also absorb sweat." --Arlo Tarr


Fuel Up
"One of the most important race nutrition tips is to not try anything new or different before a run. The night before, try to just eat what you would normally eat the night before you go for a long run. Eat a good breakfast 2 hours before running. Generation UCAN drink mixes and snack bars are a great choice 15-30 minutes before the race, as they will give you the electrolytes and carbs you need to keep moving."* --Scott Maxwell

*Outdoor Sports Center suggests practicing race nutrition ahead of time. For example, we don't recommend trying a new energy food for the first time on the morning of a race. Give it a try on your run the day before, and make sure your body takes to it with ease.


Stay Hydrated
"Take advantage of water stations along the route, and it's never a bad idea to carry water with you as well. We have plenty of options, from handheld bottles to hip belts to hydration packs made for runners, from Nathan or FuelBelt." --Grace Lloyd


Pace Yourself
"With all the hype and excitement around you, it's easy to sprint out of the gate with all the other runners. Don't forget to run at your own pace and don't focus on competing! The crowd will start to even out as faster runners make their way up front, and my advice run on the side until the crowd disperses. Run your own race; it will pay off!" --Kate Tarr


Strategically Place your Support Crew
"If people are going to come cheer you on, have them wait at mile 10. In a 13-mile race, this is usually the toughest point in your run, and having friends or family cheering for you at this moment can be crucial to keep you going." --Heidi Smith


Layer Up
"Dress accordingly if it's a chilly day, but be ready to ditch your long sleeve layer because you'll definitely warm up when running! Bring a layer that you don't care about, in case having it around your waist proves to be too distracting and you need to ditch it. Discarded garments will be donated at the end of the race!" --Scott Maxwell


Have your Playlist Ready
"While headphones aren't recommended for safety reasons, we know that some of you love listening to music while running. Sometimes, the right song is just what you need to help you push through a tough stretch of the race. I recommend having a long playlist ready so that you don't have to deal with pulling out your device to change the song while you're running. Have your iPod or phone strapped to your arm with a Super 5K or a Sonic Boom from Nathan, let it play, and forget about it!" --Heidi Smith




You can check in for the SoNo Half early by stopping by Sports Authority in Norwalk (444 Connecticut Ave) on Friday between 11 and 7 for packet pickup. On race day, the course will begin and end at Veteran's Park in South Norwalk. Packet pickup opens at 7 AM and closes at 8:30. Parking at the start/finish area also close at 8:30, and the race will begin at 9!


Above all, everyone is here to have fun! Don't take yourself too seriously, and remember to focus on enjoying the day you've trained so hard for. Whether you finish in one hour or three, we want to see everyone cross the finish line with a huge smile!

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